Have you ever wondered why we wear black at a funeral?  How did this tradition come about and what does the colour black represent? Its been long taking for granted that when a close family member or friend passes we wear black to show respect, it is one of the few funeral traditions that has lasted for centuries, even today as the new theme of funerals becomes a celebration of life, it is still v...

We all know the modern celebration of Halloween, the scary movies, trick or treaters, costumes and of course candy galore. Consumerism and American influence has taking the real meaning out of a very traditional celtic celebration - so much so that Halloween is now the 2nd biggest celebration of the year, right behind Christmas. But what is the real meaning of Halloween and how did it come about?...

A funeral is a difficult time and they can require a great deal of planning. When choosing funeral flowers you want to ensure they reflect your love for the person who has passed away and help create a beautiful tribute to their lives. Knowing the meaning behind traditional funeral flowers and what they symbolise may help guide you in your decision. Please do remember that the flowers listed below...

For far too long Irish headstones have gone with just a name and dates of birth and death, nothing exciting or informative about the deceased. Would this be the way you would like to be remembered or would you prefer to add a few words to sum up your life. It is a very difficult but yet important decision as once you decide - you won't be around to change it! Do you want a reference from the bible...

Death has been a part of life since the dawn of time. The two are linked inextricably, but we did not always mourn the loss of those we care about through the practice of burial or cremation rituals. Over time, funeral rites have developed. In the beginning, they were rudimentary and simple. Over time, funeral traditions have become more complex and varied since different cultureshave practiced va...

As the trend to really personalise funerals increases we are seeing some really wonderful ideas emerge to help celebrate the life of a love one. There is no better way to celebrant ones life than by going to great lengths to keep their memory alive long after the funeral.  One increasingly popular way of achieving this is favours - what was once confined to the wedding world has now become a very...

Traditional hymns and religious songs such as On Eagles Wings, Pie Jesu and Amazing Grace are starting to take a back seat in the modern day funeral. Beautiful as they are, a majority of the time they simply do not reflect the life or personality of the deceased.  With the modern funerals becoming very much about personal choice, being reflected in the dress, coffin, flowers, hearses and  memorial...

"At a time when the need for humanitarian assistance has never been higher and when there are more refugees and displaced people than at any time since the end of the Second World War, charities play an increasingly vital role in meeting human need.[...] I call on people everywhere to volunteer and act charitably in the face of human suffering."


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for the Intern...

A recent survey compiled in the UK have shown a third or mourners have taking a selfie at a funeral and would have no problem doing it again. The selfie craze is hitting the funeral business with a majority admitting to posting the image online for sympathy and less than one third posted so they could remember the day. 


Out of the 2700 adults surveyed, 48% of those felt it was appropriate to...

So what is involved in a green funeral or more to the point what is a green funeral? Firstly this is not a new concept; in fact it has been around for many centuries. The popularity of new methods such as vaults, liners, embalming, and mausoleums that delay the decomposition process eventually made 'traditional' funerals a thing of the past. However these new methods have proven to be doing more h...

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