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If you were to say 15 years ago there would be a huge demand for custom made coffins you would be laughed at. It's against protocol and far from blends in with the traditional theme of a funeral. However, it’s August 2015 and there is growing demand among grieving families for coffins that genuinely reflect the personality of the people being mourned. Not only this, with the popularity of Funeral Plans the industry is also starting to see people ordering their own coffins so they can make a genuine statement about their life.


From Mobile phones to Viking shaped coffins peoples imagination is gone into full flow, but as you can imagine all this is fairly costly exercise, so for those with a smaller budget they can have a standard coffin painted (or printed) with their team colours, favourite bands, photographs etc., we ourselves have sold a large number of coffins with the Louth colours printed on it. 


Virtually any design or shape is possible. This is an event that takes place once in a lifetime, and is the last material event of that lifetime, people are now starting to take control of it and really want to celebrate their life as accurate as they can.




Some of the custom made coffins from a  supplier in the UK - Feel free to contact us any time to discuss organising your funeral or if you are interested in having a custom coffin commissioned. We have a great imagination!  


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