Would you take a selfie at a funeral?

A recent survey compiled in the UK have shown a third or mourners have taking a selfie at a funeral and would have no problem doing it again. The selfie craze is hitting the funeral business with a majority admitting to posting the image online for sympathy and less than one third posted so they could remember the day. 


Out of the 2700 adults surveyed, 48% of those felt it was appropriate to take a selfie of themselves during funerals with no real reason for taking it,  while 36% of respondents said they posted the images they made at funerals online to solicit sympathy. Just 17pc said they did so to honour the deceased.


 Perfect Choice Funerals in the UK that commissioned the survey were shocked at the findings stating that 


''Selfies are everywhere now, but I have to say I am surprised at the number of people that are taking them at funerals. A funeral is a time to remember your loved one and support grieving family members, so posting a selfie to get sympathy online seems inappropriate''


Inappropriate now maybe, but technology, smart phones and social media play a  major part in our daily lives, especially for those in their late teens / early twenties and it would be only natural for the older generation to be startled by theses results.  At the recent funeral of Nelson Mandela, we witnessed some very high profile world leaders take selfies with each other, just shows the older generation may not be totally against the craze.



While we can certainly adjust to the idea of selfies at funerals, I think we would have to draw the line at the use selfie sticks. These things are not only ridiculous looking but can be very intrusive and actually attract attention for the wrong reasons. Several major attractions in the UK, along with a number of stadiums have actually banned the use of selfie sticks. 


So will the selfie become part of every day norm that people will eventually turn a blind eye to or is it just fad that will fade away? Who knows? But we shall certainly be keeping our eyes open and doing our own research over the next few months. 




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